Seated Exercises for Older Adults

As we age, physical activity helps us attain our goals, maintain our functioning and promote comfort. In addition, routine exercise can help reduce arthritis pain, improve mood, sleep and blood sugar control, as well as affect memory.

This video includes both balance and strengthening exercises, which can prevent falls and hip fractures. This video is appropriate for those older adults who cannot stand or who need support when standing.

Learn more about the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Aging Resource Center at

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10 Responses

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  3. I’m 13 and my teacher told us to watch and do an exercise vid :me 😏

  4. I’ll try this on the toilet, could help

  5. Like to do these while working at my desk during my 8am to 5pm office hours.

  6. Mark Stone says:

    Thank you very much for these videos!

  7. Yusra Naz says:

    Namaz ( salah/prayer ) is the best exercise for everybody especially beginners ❤️ Alhamdulilah .

  8. EJ says:

    The fact that you put, *”For older adults.”* Thank you, my mom is 60 and hates the senior citizen title.

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